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You will be able to actually speak to an HCAN’s representative, including its President, at any time. That availability is essential in such an ever-changing environment like healthcare. Considering the reality that an individual can only attend a call one by one, when necessary, calls will be returned right away.

HCAN’s staff is constantly evolving towards efficiency and effectiveness of handling your billing matters with close attention to healthcare industry ethics and integrity. There are decades of experience ready to take care of any billing matter related to Medicare Part A providers (e.g. CORF, ORF/Rehab Agencies) as well as Medicare Part B providers (Individual and Group practitioners) and other payers.

HCAN’s billing agreement includes a provision to assist providers with matters related to Medicare enrollment (e.g. revalidation, CHOI, change in benefits assignments) as well as assistance with Medicare condition of participation matters (e.g. corrective actions plans, research on COP matters, etc.). HCAN also has a group of resources to assist with other important matters as HIPAA, OSHA, MACRA, Healthcare Attorney, Medical Review, etc.

100% of our services are performed in the United States of America. All tasks, from data managing and software updates to claims follow-ups and enrollment support, are performed in Jacksonville, Florida.

The efficiency that we run in our operations has allowed us to be “well-oiled” passing the savings to our clients. Our rates vary from 7% to 10% of the amount collected by the client from claims we transmit. Rates and monthly minimum depend on volume, patient’s demographics, credit reference, type of facility/provider and level of prepayment review.

In compliance with applicable rules & regulations, our billing application has been
tailored for years to meet and exceed our clients’ demands. We can transmit in CMS 1500 (Part B) as well as CMS 1450 (Part A) for outpatient rehabilitation services (for Individuals and for Organizations), have dozens of billing reports and are also able to tailor requested billing reports.

Why Outsource Your Billing Tasks?


Protect your cash by decentralizing office tasks

Decentralizing the billing & claims receivable from individuals collecting the cash will deter cash mismanagement behavior thus minimizing losses.

Protect from volume seasonal fluctuation

When allowed by payer, HCAN will only invoice based on funds collected, easily budgeting your billing fees.

Protect from “under interested” staff

HCAN’s vested interest assures that our professional staff understands that your cash flow is essential to be fully operational.
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